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08:36 am: Basking in reflected glory
Teddy wrote* an entry in the GeekMom/ThinkGeek contest and got an honorable mention. He's very proud of himself, though he told me his quick share at school today would be that we didn't go to a movie yesterday.


He seems a bit off since Peter left; last night, he told me "I'm very fragile today," sniffled, and snuggled some more.

Damn, I love that kid.

I have found myself quite short-tempered at the end of the day most days, and I'm fighting like hell not to express it. I would never do anything deliberately to hurt him, but I've been spilling over... yelling and cussing and being crabby. He asked me yesterday if I could please stop being crabby. I promised I would try and I am, I'm really trying. But the best parent I can be is not very good sometimes.

We had a discussion yesterday about how much time we spend together. He was scolding me for not spending enough time with him, so we counted up the hours - 6-7 a day during the week.

"That's not nearly enough!" he said. I told him that's a lot more than lots of parents get, and I feel very lucky that I get to work at home because I get to be with him more I would if I had to go to an office. I felt like an idiot saying it, because of course I'd like to spend more time with him. Still, he seemed comforted.

I like to think of it as benchmarking rather than peer pressure.

* I did the typing after he got frustrated, but he wrote it.

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Date:May 10th, 2012 02:26 pm (UTC)

6-7 hours a day

...is awesome. It's also a lot, by yourself.

I'm quite short-tempered too at the end of every day. Even having the time to cook dinner, a simple dinner, is refreshing so I use my allotted 2 hours of TV time to get my head on straight. I think I can be a better mother that way.

You are an awesome mother. With Peter being gone, it makes being that awesome mother a bit harder. It's wonderful that Teddy is Sooooo social, thoughtful and trusts that all of his questions will be answered in full by you. That also makes time with him exhausting. Any possibility of an 'after your work' playdate for Teddy? And for you?

:Hug: I'd give you the "Enjoy it while you can" speech but during this time, you just want to cuss. I totally understand. :)
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Date:May 11th, 2012 07:09 pm (UTC)



Just a few more days. And Peter's doing fine, getting some R&R, so I hope he'll be completely refreshed once he recovers from his inevitable jet lag.
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