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08:21 pm: Life List #1: Places to Travel
I want 10, which means I have to scope it just right... though I figure I can offload some into the Things to See category, right. I'm not including places I've already been and want to go again.

So, in no particular order:
1. Alaska
2. Greece
3. Kenya
4. New Zealand
5. Tibet
6. Hawai'i
7. Costa Rica
8. Argentina
9. Japan
10. St. Helena

In truth, I want to travel just about everywhere, though deserts and swamps hold less appeal than mountains and beaches. Also, third-world accommodations don't hold much appeal. I like safe water and recognizable food, too. So I'm a spoiled American brat. :shrug:

I figure all of these are reasonable, except maybe Tibet and (especially) St. Helena, which would be difficult. However, St. Helena's probably #1 on Peter's list, which adds to the likelihood that I'll get there someday.

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