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07:31 am: Life List #2: Activities to Do
These would be non-traveling, non-creating types o' things, of course:
- Nap in a hammock on a beach
- Do a photo safari - or at least a non-hunting one; I don't care that much about taking pictures - I just wanna see the critters
- Go hot-air ballooning with Teddy (and Peter if he wants)
- Dance (preferably well) with someone dreamy again (Larry springs to mind, but I don't think he's dancing any more), preferably to Ray Charles' Rock House, or maybe Amos Milburne's One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer, which has a similar feel)
- Teach Teddy to cook (from scratch) at least one full meal confidently and well (there are a gabillion other things I'd like to teach Teddy - might actually do a whole separate list for that, but this'll suffice for now)
- Hike the AMC trail (I'm not entirely sure I still want to do this, but it was on my (unwritten) list for a long time so I'll include it)

...that leaves me four places on the activities list. Any ideas?

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