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08:51 pm: was the end of the school year always this active?
I vaguely remember something like a field day at the end of the year in elementary school, where we basically had PE all day (although I didn't particularly care for PE, it was relatively easy to wander off and do a more interesting game instead of some :ick: team sport). Maybe we had a picnic.

Wednesday was the Teacher Appreciation lunch at Teddy's school. I appreciate teachers! I miss my biweekly time in the classroom, so I volunteered to be one of the substitutes during the lunch (that way I didn't have to cook either - other parents cook; only over-achievers do both).

It's a lot harder being a substitute for 16 first graders than 18 (?) kindergarteners, despite having 3 volunteers this year and 2 last year.

Because the first graders go to lunch. So they had an activity, cleaned up, lined up, marched down to the cafeteria, got (or got out, for the few who brought from home) lunch, ate, then went to recess.

Oy. The mayhem at recess. Insane. Thankfully, we had our full contingent of students when they lined up after recess, because I could not keep track of them all during recess.

(And of course Teddy came dashing up to me, pointed to a child 10 feet away, and hollered "That's A! He's the big bully!" At least I know what A looks like now.)

After recess, the kids were all riled up, so one of the other parents read a story* before the kids had another activity. (This was the teacher's recommendation. I'm guessing the kids get even more riled up than usual at parent-supervised recess.)

"G! Please sit down. Sit down, G. B! You need to write the sentence. N, quiet please. B, have you written the pictionary sentence? G, on your chair please. S, we're writing sentences now. Please write your sentence. N, please let M write her own sentence. B, we're not working on the plates now. Please write your sentence. G, sit. B, write. N, quiet. B, write. S, write. Teddy, why are you crying?"

Teddy cries a lot when I'm in school. My presence at library/technology every week is insufficiently exciting to merit tears, but he has trouble containing himself when I'm in the classroom.

"S2, you need to finish your sentence. J, please start drawing the sentence. What do you think you should draw? I think that's a great idea. B, you need to do your own drawing please. G, please sit down on your bottom. That's a wonderful drawing, H, please pick a book and sit down to read. K, please finish writing your sentence. Great job on your sentence, S3, now you can draw it."

And on and on and on. For whole... minutes. I do not know how teachers do it 5 hours a day. (And one of the parents in the room was The Trouble Kid's Dad [he normally has a dedicated teacher's aide], so all the mayhem was not TTK; it was the endless activity of all the other kids.)

When the teacher's aide came in, she said "They're so quiet! This is great!"

Holy crap. I'd hate to see what not great looks like.

Tomorrow is Field Day. I did not volunteer. Because there are limits. But I am attending, which means trudging from one activity to another, eating a picnic lunch (if I ever did love picnics, I don't any more), and drying Teddy's inevitable tears.

* I'm proud of myself for not pouting out loud. I miss reading stories. :sigh:

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Date:May 25th, 2012 03:33 am (UTC)

Visiting the fire station

... I was the parent volunteer today: our first and only 'field trip' of the year. Sitting in the fire truck, holding the fire hose not once but twice (one w/out water, the other with!)... and dd Would.Have.None.Of.It. The teachers noted that this isn't like her. And I agree. Some kids are fine with their parent there, mine is not. I know it's just normal for some kids but why mine?

I understand the tears too, mine was on the verge a few times. I don't know if volunteering in dd's classroom is going to work out.

And yes, it's like herding cats, both physically and thought process-wise. Fireman, "What do you think we do?" E, jumping up and raising his hands in excitement, "I have a thousand pennies!" I don't know how 'preschool' happens with a bunch of preschoolers! But good for those teachers!!!

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Date:May 25th, 2012 11:08 am (UTC)

I know!

It's frustrating, isn't it?

You may recall that Teddy was a big fan of firetrucks... until one came to our house (because we were locked out). He had an opportunity for his own personal tour! Nope. No way. Uh uh. :sigh:

Teddy does fine as long as my appearances are repeated and regular. He got a little tetchy every other week in kindergarten, but is absolutely fine in library every week. I think he's cried once in two years -- and that was because he bumped his head.

Oh well. Perhaps next year I'll cook on Teacher Appreciation day instead of being in the classroom.
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