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07:32 am: It's a good thing I don't watch TV...
'Cause if I did, I wouldn't have time to watch all the shows I've been watching on DVD, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video (or whatever it's called) recently.*

When I like something, I tend to like it a lot. Watched the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth! Swoon!) three weeks ago, the first 2 seasons of Glee (best on DVD, when you can fast-forward the boring bits) the week before last (for the second time), and the first two seasons of Downton Abbey this weekend.

Well, yes, 15 shows in 4 days. What's yer point?

Y'see... I'd given Mum the first season on DVD for Mother's Day. I got a notice that I got it on streaming video with purchase, and I'd finish Glee, and... I... well, I got sucked right in. So much so that I bought the second season (first purchase with one-click, which I'd steadfastly resisted) as soon as I watched the last episode of the first.


I need to go back to watch Upstairs, Downstairs again. Clearly.

I've been dreaming about Mary and Matthew and Anna and Mr. Bates and... :sigh:

And season 3 isn't until next January.

Dagnabbit. Might be time to watch Lois & Clark or Quantum Leap again. Or I could watch P&P again.

* Or read. Updates soon.

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