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07:44 am: my eye! my eye! my eye!
Teddy has some kind of sense memory of when he scratched his cornea. When he wakes up upset in the middle of the night, he inevitably calls frantically "my eye! my eye! my eye!" and clutches his eye.

He did actually injure himself in the middle of the night the first time. And he might have done it again. We did the eye-drop routine again to be safe.

The third time, we were less sure. Neither the doctor nor the ophthalmologist found any sign of a problem.*

The fourth through umpteenth time, including last night, we were absolutely certain he wasn't injured.

Yet he sits bolt upright from a sound sleep, clearly frightened, absolutely convinced something is horribly wrong.

...but y'know? I don't think he's even really awake. He remembers waking up, but I don't think it's a real awake state. In any case, he says his eyes are just fine.


* It's possible I've conflated the second and third times. It felt like many, many trips to the doctors and many, many experiences with eye drops.

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