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01:20 pm: Life List #3: Foods to Taste
Dunno quite what I was thinking with this one (yes I do: I was going by senses). I do not need more foods to taste. And I'm hardly an adventurous eater.* But I'll give it a shot:
- Salted Caramels. I keep hearing about 'em, but never tried 'em.
- Truffles. I like most mushrooms, so why not.
- Frozen hot chocolate. Confident I'll like this one.
- Chocolate cointreau ice cream. In truth, I have tried it, as Ben & Jerry's had it for a very limited time about 20 years ago. It remains, in memory, my favorite ice cream ever. And I want it again.
- Dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts. I've had milk chocolate, but not dark. Brazil nuts are my favorite. Win!
- Arrenchini - a deep-fried rice ball. Not what would ordinarily appeal to me, but people who like them really like them. And there's nothing disgusting about it (unlike octopus or rocky mountain oysters or okra).
- Maracas bake & shark sandwich. The way Chookooloonks writes about it, clearly I must try.
- An actual French croissant. In France. Paris, I suppose.
- Cloudberries. I read about them in a Dick Francis (Slay Ride) ages ago and have wondered about them ever since.
- Kobe steak. In Japan. Because I won't eat rare meat, I expect this may be the hardest one to get. I suspect 'most anyone (including a Japanese chef) would be appalled at my desire for a medium-well Kobe steak.

Hmm. Lots of chocolate on that list.

* I'm a big ol' chicken is what I am.

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Date:June 21st, 2012 07:06 pm (UTC)

You haven't had a salted caramel???!!!!!

Hands down, my favorite new flavor combo on the past few years. And I'm not picky. I eat expensive ones and cheap ones. My first exposure was at a local Seattle chocolate maker - Fran's Chocolates. It so happens that she makes salted caramels for the White House. They are delightful. https://www.franschocolates.com/ Costco has a big ole tub of salted caramels and they are quite nice too - I gave those out as gifts this year for Christmas. And Trader Joe's has small little boxes of them for a good price as well.

I have a salted caramel brownie recipe that is absolutely divine - and my kids get mad when I make just regular ole brownies now. The home made caramel takes a long time to make, so it's a bit of work.

Now I want some salted caramel chocolates :-).
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Date:June 21st, 2012 07:32 pm (UTC)

nope, never

I'm not usually a fan of the salty-sweet combination (hate chocolate-covered pretzels, f'rinstance), so it's just never been on my list. And of course I tend to prefer my caramels covered with dark chocolate.

I want your brownie recipe, please!
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Date:June 22nd, 2012 02:14 am (UTC)


OMG, we have those on the Italian side of the family! I've had them stuffed with meat (lamb maybe? or just well seasoned beef?) and shrimp and OMG, they are so good in a savory kind of way and in a 'it took someone a long time to make these' kind of way, not a salted caramel kind of way. You can't make ahead and freeze for later, you have to make, maybe refrigerate and then deep fry and eat immediately so there's an immediacy to eating them because OMG, I'm salivating over these right now!

I'm so hungry!!!!!!

(nice list!)
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Date:June 22nd, 2012 01:41 pm (UTC)

Re: Arrenchini

Take someone a long time to make them? Guess I won't be making them myself then.

I deliberately made this list when I wasn't hungry. Who knows what kind of bizarre stuff it would contain otherwise.

(and Thanks!)
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