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06:00 am: A Supermodel's Income Statement
or, given Teddy's other interests, a Supermodel/Plumber/Dentist's Income Statement.

In any case (approximate):
$300fitting fee
$750sitting fee
$150book fee
$105agent's fee (10%)
$150round-trip train to NYC for audition
$228mileage (470 miles at 48.5¢)

I'm not including food, though it was a bit more expensive in NYC, because we've been truly dreadful about eating mostly take-out recently at home (and we ate on the cheap, to the greatest extent possible). I'm also not including the cost of extra clothes, because I bought them mostly at the 99¢ store and Duane Reade and we will continue to use them (so while the timing of the expenditure was not voluntary, the money would've been spent for the same thing later). I didn't include the $100 traffic ticket, because the IRS doesn't consider it a legitimate business expense. Go figure.

* We're hoping that other (LOCAL) gigs will push this number up, so we can take all the expenses that I can document. And I suppose the book fee could be amortized across its two-year effective span.

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