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08:26 pm: last week of camp


Apparently so. Teddy starts school again in 2.5 weeks. One more week of camp, a few days of interim camp, some getting our acts together for school, and then... second grade.

Holy crap.

He's feeling better, though the cough lingers on. The probable (dental) effect of all those lollipops makes me wince, but it's the only way he sleeps. (Weaning him off Benadryl won't be much fun either, speaking of not sleeping.)

Anyway, he'll be taking hip-hop again, and joining the chess club at the library if the timing works out, and we'll find out who's in his class (and whose class he's in) in another 10 days. And part of me is already sad about it and part of me is thrilled that we'll be back to a longer-term routine.

Ah well.

* * * * *

I'm finding myself even less tolerant of heat than usual (which is saying something, as it's never been My Thing). I find myself having to retire to the AC periodically just to get over such strain as preparing dinner or putting away groceries. Ugh. I'm eagerly anticipating the return of cooler weather. The only time New England gets enough sun for vitamin D, and I don't want to be outside. Dammit.

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