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12:38 pm: Life List #5: Things to Smell
Been a while since I did one of these. Oops.

This one is a bit of a cheat (of course) to get at places to go. Smell is supposedly the sense most associated with memory, so I hope these will create new and pleasant memories too:

- Moss/earth/ground cover/whatever at the Redwood Forest. I loved the smells at the Muir Woods; it must be that much better someplace older and bigger and further from the city.
- The ocean in Oregon. Dunno quite where, but I'm curious whether it differs from other areas.
- Frangipani in a lei. Or just in Hawaii; I don't care all that much about the necklace.
- The farm smell ("without the manure") of the Galapagos.
- Tulip fields in Holland.
- An historic garden someplace like Monticello. I'm pretty sure my folks took us to Monticello when we were kids, but all I remember is a really cool clock. The only smell I associate with that trip (though it could have easily been a different one) is a feather comforter (onto which a banana peel became stuck, but the smell I remember is feathers and fabric in the hot sun).
- Vanilla in Madagascar.
- Cinnamon in Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. Or both.
- A rain forest.
- My baby's baby -- but not for a long time.

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