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08:35 am: well ain't this just a kick in the butt?
I have a long history of crazy work hours, most of the truly insane quite a while ago, with occasional instances more recently. I often get sick just after a big project, as if my body clings to health as long as it absolutely must, then succumbs as soon as the opportunity arises.

With this project finally winding down, I've worked full days the past two weekends and must do so again this coming weekend. Plus the long days during the week, of course.

And last weekend I started having dizzy spells. They've generally passed quickly, and I've only had a couple a day. Until yesterday, when I woke up dizzy and stayed dizzy.

Fortuitously, I had a doctor's appointment for a regular check-up (everything's swell la la la). My doctor tells me that he believes g-d is infinite and knows that people are not.


He also admitted that he would, in my place, finish the project. (He did not volunteer to finish it himself.)

In any case, I have a prescription for vertigo... or will have it, when he calls it in (dammit). And, yippeekiyiyo, cramps. Nothing for two months, but HELLO! HERE Y'GO! TODAY! JUST WHEN YOU NEED IT!

So I'll be working off :gasp: hard copy and :phew!: iPhone and iPad, sitting very, very still in my bed, leaning on a heating pad and trying not to barf.

I don't have time for this shit yet. Dammit.

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