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08:02 am: it's been way too long
And it'll be longer still before I post anything substantial. The Big Project is pretty much done and dusted (a few last bits to clean up). The plans for next year are well underway. So that's all good. I return home from Boston (Very Important Meetings) tomorrow.

Things on the home front are fine. No one's sick, my vertigo is better (still hear a tuning fork whenever I yawn, which is disconcerting but manageable), and things are coming along. Teddy and I will be cooking for Thanksgiving this weekend (lemon bread and marshmallows).

I've been reading a fair amount of crap (as usual) and some good stuff. Re-read all of Diana Gabaldon a couple of weeks ago, which was absorbing and fun, but that's, what? about 10,000 pages? Not a lot of variety there.

Anyway, more later. I promise.

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