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08:46 am: Home!
I'm finally back home again, after a trying week in Boston. Lots of meetings, lots of face time. Productive meetings (mostly), interesting face time. But still, there are only so many meetings and so much face time I can endure before it feels like... well... endurance.

Teddy's on his (first?") field trip today, to the Little Red Schoolhouse in Whatley. He'll get to wear period clothes, write with a quill pen, eat lunch from a basket, and see a wooden toilet (though not use it, he assured me). I volunteered to go, but so did every other parent and my name wasn't pulled from the hat. So I'll hear all about it when Teddy gets home from school. Or perhaps while we're making marshmallows and lemon bread this weekend.

* I know he missed a pumpkin-picking expedition a couple of years ago; I don't think they had a trip last year. Too bad. I remember loving field trips.

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