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07:50 pm: Update

Everything is just fine. I'm over the stomach flu just in time for the end of Teddy's vacation, which ended up being all about DVDs and books and not at all about museums, but Teddy didn't object. At all. To my minor dismay, he's now completely hooked on Friends. Go figure.

My job search continues apace, with a number of promising leads. Ironically, I'm now most concerned about finding something too soon... I don't want to pass up a good opportunity in the hopes of something better that may not come, but I also don't want to jump on anything because of worry that nothing else will arise, y'know?

I do worry, though it's no longer a constant state. I don't think that'll go away until I'm well established in a new position... And maybe never.

I've been crappy about keeping up with posting here and about staying in touch. I'll keep working on it.

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