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06:34 pm: Teddy gets his first major punishment*
Teddy wanted to stop at a friend's house after school. Peter reluctantly agreed, telling him he needed to be home at 5.

When Teddy still hadn't returned at 5:15, Peter went to get him. Teddy put on his bike helmet, went to his bike, and Peter started heading home.

Teddy did not follow.

Peter called to him. Teddy did not follow.

I got home from work just as Peter got home without Teddy. We ate dinner, then I walked over to get Teddy (it was now almost 6), who had his helmet off. His bike was on the other side of the yard; he and his friends were skateboarding and playing baseball.

Teddy gets no Minecraft and no playdates this weekend. And I found out that he also stayed up until after 9 last night, reading, when I'd sent him to bed at 8. So he will not be allowed to go to a movie the night after school is out (though he has the potential for earning that back in the next 10 days).


He's a good kid. He's a great kid. But he's developed a sneaky streak lately that I don't like. He usually stays within the letter of the rules, but he's exploiting loopholes (he knows "no more Minecraft today" means "no more screen time," then he goes to a friend's house and watches TV there, though he doesn't play Minecraft).

He knows he disappointed us, and is very upset about it. He believes his punishment is "completely deserved." He plans to work hard at being good this weekend.

I sure do hope this sneaky stuff is a short phase.

* That I remember.

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