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12:00 pm: The Paperwork
There's a lot of freakin' paperwork involved in modeling:
  • A New York work permit, which requires:
    • the application

    • a photocopy of my driver's license

    • a photocopy of Teddy's birth certificate (to prove he's not old enough to need a release from his school), and...

    • A Coogan account, which is a trust account named for Jackie Coogan, the child star who made millions, but whose mother and stepfather spent it all before he reached his majority (NY and CA require that 15% of a child's earnings go into a trust); in Massachusetts, this is an UTMA (Uniform Transfer to Minors Act) account, which in turn requires:

      • an account application

      • a trust application

      • a photocopy of my driver's license

      • a photocopy of Peter's passport

      • a photocopy of Teddy's social security card

      • three separate trips to the credit union, because they don't do this often and kept forgetting to tell us things we needed to bring or do

  • a W4 for Teddy

  • a signed contract with BabyGap, in which we agree that BabyGap can do whatever they want, for however long they want, with the pictures; that he gets paid for the fitting and shoot only (no residuals, if I read it correctly); and we can't hold them liable for anything, ever, no matter what, neener neener neener

  • 2 work vouchers for Teddy's agency: 1 for the fitting and 1 for the shoot

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