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05:42 pm: First house-hunting trip in NH
12 houses (or lots) in 2 days. It's kinda hard to keep 'em all straight in my brain, but a few stand out...

First house we saw was in Durham, right on a river, across from 20 acres of conservation land. Fantastic views. Big, gorgeous fireplace providing most of the heat. In-law apartment in the basement. Somewhat small, but really interesting place. Sadly, way over-priced for the amount of work that needs doing (updating kitchen and baths, replacing baseboard heaters).

Incredible, really big house near Durham. Current owner is a veterinary pathologist and kind of an artistic hoarder. The house is like a museum, filled with all kinds of instruments and art and just plain weird shit. A bit expensive for us, and pretty isolated (at the end of a private road with maybe 4 other houses). Fabulous place though.... Giant dinosaur on a (very high) slanted ceiling. Had to have been at least 8 feet long. A big lamp made out of plumbing fixtures. Gorgeous gourmet kitchen with high beams... and a dining room chair resting on one beam. No idea if it's even fastened in any way. Beautiful collection of colored bottles.  Toy railway tracks decorating a stairway wall. A very large fire screen mounted on a quilt rack with framed photographs displayed on the screen. A collection of microscopes. Lovely, surprising, really fun house.

1840 house outside Exeter. 3 acres on the Pow Wow River. Another really fun house. Lots of nooks and crannies. Gorgeous library with lots of windows and a good-sized porch, overlooking the river. First floor, generally, was wonderful. Beautiful floors, lovely fireplace. Good price. Bathrooms need updating and upstairs would need cosmetic overhaul. Somewhat low ceilings, but Peter doesn't mind. Definitely staying on our list.

Nice house outside Exeter, newer (1988, I think). 2 acres. Terrific neighborhood. Good layout, good size. Needs too many (small) fixes for the price (and has carpet in all the bedrooms, which we'd have to replace with hard wood for the master bed room at least). If our house sells for more than expected, we would put this one back on our list.

Our #1, for the moment, is a really surprising house, also outside Exeter, that :gasp!: doesn't have a garage. It does have a barn that could probably be converted relatively cheaply, and room for a carport, if we went that route. It's another fun one, with a great kitchen, plenty of room, and a really interesting layout. It's also 2 doors down from the town library. And it's a reasonable price

We also looked at 5 lots, on which we could build (ranging from .25 to 2 acres). We're going to look at the floor plans online to see what's possible. The idea of picking the stuff we want is pretty compelling, and some of the prices are quite good.

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Date:January 18th, 2015 11:55 pm (UTC)
how exciting!!!! it sounds like you have some really interesting choices. especially the one near the library, that's so up your alley! :)
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Date:January 19th, 2015 12:31 pm (UTC)

yes indeed!

I'm confident we'll be able to get (even find, if need be) someplace wonderful when our house sells.
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