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03:58 pm: 2015 Reading Challenge: Kellerman's Murder 101 (read in one day)

I'd originally planned to use Faye Kellerman's Murder 101 as a book I haven't read by an author I love, but Murder 101 reminded me how much Kellerman has annoyed me in recent books (though I still enjoy them, I no longer find them pure pleasure). Rina Lazarus is some sort of saint/superwoman. I liked her better with flaws.

And this? :eye roll: Takes place in Greenbury, NY, an upstate town so fake it's an hour and a half from Boston and an hour from Providence (by car). There is a Greenburgh, NY, but I don't think anyone would call White Plains upstate. Too, Kellerman repeatedly refers to how much colder and snowier it is in Greenbury than NYC, which I would pin as more like Essex County... or at least Saratoga.

Decker is a police officer. I don't think he'd be driving more than 100 mph (especially not without lights and siren). Um... nope. And triangulating Providence, Boston, and upstate NY, I don't come up with shorter to Providence (although Google tells me it would be 3 minutes shorter from Saratoga).

And part of the story takes place near Tufts. In Summer Village.

WTH? Real university, fake town? Why?

I don't know what percentage of Kellerman's readers are from the Boston area, but surely it's nontrivial... Why no fact checking? Or deliberate fakitude? WHY?


If I could have suspended disbelief better, I'm sure I would've enjoyed the book more. I know it's lots better than the majority of mysteries published. But still. With the annoying bits and the general lack of the next Lazarus-Decker-Whitman generation, I probably won't re-read it any time soon.

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Yes, I can read most books in a day (Donna Tartt and Diana Gabaldon notwithstanding). This happens to be one that I did. It's also written by a woman, has a number in the title, and is a mystery. So I'm being pretty random all around.

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