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07:41 am: :sigh:
"Our" house is under contract.

This is the one we think we want to buy in NH. We all, miracle of miracles, agree.


The one we'd really like to sell?

No bites. Dammit.

In retrospect, it was a mistake to put it on the market at the beginning of the snowiest winter ever. We got lots of lookie-loos, quite a lot of activity, but "covered in snow" is apparently not its best look. I think it tended to make people think "how much will it cost to heat this place with that antique furnace?"

(It's actually quite good, but not fabulous enough to feature in the listing. Our inspector admonished us never to replace the furnace because it's a very sturdy and surprisingly efficient beast. But it does look like a beast.)

And of course none of the swell landscaping the previous owner did was really visible either.

I'm trying to be all zen 'n' shit, but it's not working this morning.

I'm so tired of having to live as if we don't live here, having to keep the place cleaner than can be healthy (snort), having to keep so many of our things packed up, having to keep the realtor's really-not-hideous-but-totally-not-our-taste staging touches.


Also.... whine.

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Date:May 4th, 2015 12:35 pm (UTC)


and I love your house! If I could pick it up and transport it here... I'd *love* to buy your house!!!!

But this was the Worst Winter (granted, in my short 14 years here), not a good winter to schedule public talks and have sick and hurting people attend either... just all around bad.

So, accept the not-zen n shit and trust that when the right family sees it, they will jump on it!

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Date:May 5th, 2015 12:46 am (UTC)
Thanks. I'm working on it...
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