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05:42 am: Nor'easter, powered by Wilma
We lucked out, I suppose, as we only lost power 3 times, and never for longer than an hour.

But somehow it figures that Teddy was awakened by the power coming back on (phone beeping, lights blinking) every. single. time.

* * * * *

He did sleep well last night, waking just once to nurse (he nursed two other times while sleeping).

This weekend, I'm going to try not nursing him unless he awakens. I suspect it'll be the same as before: if I don't nurse him as soon as he shows signs of wanting to, he'll wake up fully and stay awake longer. I'll sure feel like an idiot if I don't at least try, but I'll feel like an even bigger idiot if I try during the week and end up totally sleep-deprived.

Thank goodness, the Midnight Mind Rambler retired when we got home from NYC, so I'm getting back to sleep promptly.

Current Mood: okayfine
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