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02:00 pm: The absolute, definite, very last trip this year (NC)
Traveling with an infant is sure different from traveling without one. I'm usually relatively organized, but I've managed to screw things up (forget things, get stuff bass-ackwards, whatever) on every trip we've had with Teddy.

We almost left without clothes to wear to the wedding. Thank goodness Dad asked about the hanging bag, which he'd lent us. Neither Peter nor I is easy to shop for off the rack*, and there wouldn't have been much time for it anyway. (Too bad I didn't notice the moth holes in Peter's suit until I was ironing. So much for cedar's moth-prevention qualities; it was stored in our cedar closet.)

When we got to the airport (quite early), I was surprised to learn that I was supposed to have paper tickets. The only times I've had paper tickets in recent years were for overseas travel. Greeeat. So I had to buy new tickets. Theoretically I'll be getting a refund, but the hour of hold time on the phone with Expedia didn't give me warm fuzzies.

Those minor setbacks aside, it was an ok trip down. The security people, perhaps seeing that I was about to wig-out, post-ticket fiasco, brought us to the head of the line, bless 'em. And Teddy did fine on the plane, nursing, laughing, and playing the whole time.

While we were waiting at the car rental counter in Charlotte, a little girl (maybe 3 years old?) became deeply enamored of Teddy. He wasn't too crazy about all the kissing, but he seemed to like holding her baby doll just fine. We were on the same shuttle with her (and her mother). Her name was Eloise, and her doll's name was "um.... Caroline!" I'm not sure if Eloise made up the name on the spot or was too consumed with Teddy to remember.

There weren't any mid-sized cars on the lot, so we got a free upgrade to an SUV. It was the first time I'd driven one. I liked being a bit higher up, and feeling a bit safer. Fortunately, it was a small SUV, as SUVs go (it was a Saturn), so we didn't get nailed too badly on the gas (we drove several hundred miles while there). Unfortunately, it had old-fashioned styling. Nice to look at and all (wood details, [fake?] leather seats, nice dials), but no tenth-of-a-mile spot on the odometer.

Ordinarily, we wouldn't care, but it turned out that some of the places we were going were rather remote, with no landmarks. Those tenths of miles turned out to be pretty important. Oh well!

Traffic coming out of Charlotte at rush hour is awful. AWFUL. Worse than Boston. It took us longer to go the first 20% of the trip than it did the last 80%. Blech.**

When we got to the hotel, we had a lovely surprise: Matt and Amy had left cookies for us (YUM), as well as maps to the various activities. So thoughtful!

* "I need a fairly formal dress that's easy to dance in, size 42G on top, thick-waisted 16 on the bottom, and a men's suit, 36 chest, 29 waist, 33 inseam, please." Riiiight.
** We stopped for dinner at Burger King. Could not find the Burger King to save our lives (and every wrong turn meant another loooong delay at a couple more stop lights), but had our first ever meal at Chick-Fil-A. Darned good fries.

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