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06:00 pm: NC: Hotel Highlights
During this trip, we fully realized how much Teddy prefers doing everything with both of us. Everything is à trois, if he gets his way: marche à trois, nage à trois, mange à trois, and so on.

He had a blast swimming with both of us there (the Y wants just one parent in the pool). And though he's been grabbing each of us to walk separately, this time he grabbed one hand of mine, one of Peter's, and forced a march around the hotel room. I thought my heart would burst open in sheer joy.

* * * * *

Teddy's been doing a weird crab-walk while holding a toy recently. On this trip, he started doing something similar, but the crab part is with his legs instead: he'll crawl on one knee and walk with the other foot flat. So he's a warped, twisted, half-walking/half-crawling boy.

Of course my son is warped and twisted. Why did I think he'd be anything different?

* * * * *

We had revenge on the girlie diaper in Durham. Peter got Teddy new swim diapers, but didn't notice they were pink. Oh, the horror!

Because we planned to go swimming shortly, we put Teddy into a swim diaper when we changed him after breakfast. Minutes later, he had a huge messy poop.

The bummer about swim diapers is that they have no side-tabs. Which means that whoooole poopy diaper had to be dragged down his legs to get it off.


* * * * *

Teddy started playing curtain peek-a-boo in Salisbury. We don't have curtains in our house, because of my dust allergies. So he had a great time swinging them around.

They don't call toddlers "curtain apes" for nothin'.

* * * * *

Peter had some special Teddy moments on this trip, too. One morning Peter hid under the covers, in the futile hope that Teddy wouldn't notice he was Available for Play. I asked Teddy, "Where's Daddy?" (which I often do, and he generally ignores). This time, he whipped his head around, looked directly at the Lump That Was Peter, whipped off the covers, and grabbed Peter's hair.

The child appears to want his plumbing specialty to be HVAC, if his behavior in the hotels and nursing home was any indication. He loves playing with the controls in the room units. Peter kept trying to tell him "No AC!" but Teddy paid him no mind.

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