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07:42 pm: Month Three
The day Teddy turned three months old, Peter went to New York City to pick up his passport (finally! It took over a year to get it... there is no bureaucracy like the Czech government). So Teddy and I hung out at home, trying more tummy time (he didn’t much like it the first few months), listening to music (we danced to Ray Charles and to Harry Belafonte), and of course nursing and sleeping. Not a bad day.

We spent Easter at my folks’ house, where Teddy met his cousin Ileana for the first time. She was doing exciting things like crawling and standing, which I think gave him ideas. Although he’d been sitting on his own for a while, we couldn’t manage to get a picture of him sitting with her (so all the pictures show Peter’s arm supporting Teddy’s back).

A couple of days after Easter, most of the family was struck with a vicious, nasty stomach flu. Fortunately, Peter didn’t get it until almost a day after I did, so he was able to take care of Teddy when I couldn’t (it was his first night having to get up with him). Between the flu and nursing, I got quite dehydrated. It took a couple of weeks for my milk to come back completely. I got really worried as we started working through the supply of frozen milk.

Thank goodness, Teddy never got the flu (or whatever it was). He was lethargic for a couple of days, but that was it.

Teddy’s big medical trauma at the time was cradle cap. He was scratching it so much that it got really red. Prescription ointment took care of it pretty quickly.

He also took a header in his bouncy chair (it had been great for getting him to calm down and go to sleep). We hadn’t noticed that he was getting too tall for it – the seatbelt fastened around his hips, not his waist. So one day... BOOM! Right on his face. I think I cried more than he did. I know I cried more than he did when I accidentally cut his finger while cutting his nails... because he didn’t cry at all. I was convinced that I was a horrible mother because I made my baby bleed. It doesn’t matter that every parenting book I read warns parents that they will, at some point, cut their child when clipping nails.

There is no worse feeling in the world than knowing your child is hurt. Peter had to remind me that Teddy wasn’t actually hurt that time.

Peter found a new way to make Teddy laugh: letting him suck his nose! It feels kind of strange, but that gut-busting giggle is completely worth it.

The baby also found a new way to add noise to mealtime. He started talking while he ate. He’d latch on, suck suck suck, then look up (or over) and “nnngg AH ha ha ha oooh nnngg” suck suck “OH! Heh heh.” Funny as heck, but somewhat annoying if you want to go to sleep or something. And whenever he moved his head, there was a good possibility he’d dislodge the nipple shield, which tended to both dump milk all over and slip somewhere that I couldn’t see.

Milestones this month: Teddy discovered his toes and his bellybutton. He rolled over, though always, mysteriously, when our backs were turned. I still only rarely catch him at it. We went out in the stroller for the first time, since the snow (mostly) cleared up. The stroller, which kicks major butt (thanks Carla!), can handle snow just fine; we didn’t want the baby out when it was cold.

Donna and Anne came over for pizza and a baby visit, which was marvelous (Pat was sick and DJ was traveling... bummer). Donna sang “Ooh ah, ooh ah ah, ding dang, walla walla bing bang” to Teddy (anyone know the real name of that song?), which has since become a major part of our repertoire.

Manny and Margery came over, too, and brought the latest Dr. Spock and an adorable outfit, which Teddy will wear for our picnic this summer. The picnic will be the first time our group of Babson friends will get together with all our kids. We’re really looking forward to it. Marisa, who visited this month as well, Eric (who didn't ;) ), and Eric's kids will be coming to the picnic also (also Jess, Pete, & Charlotte, and Wendy, Luis, and Nicolas). Good times ahead!

Marc and Stephanie also visited, bringing "Baby's First Puppy," which is now (month 5) Teddy's favorite stuffed animal... to chew, of course. He also finds my ridiculous growling, barking, and panting quite hilarious.

March 18th is Teddy’s name day. In future years, we are likely to celebrate with parties. Because his birthday is so close to Christmas, it seems likely that his friends will be more available on the later date. Not that we’ll forgo the celebration on his birthday, of course!

I spent too much this month stressing out about my return to work, instead of enjoying my time with Teddy. *Any* time spent stressing out was a waste, but I couldn’t seem to help it. I had a phone call with my boss and the HR director about telecommuting, and went into the office to drop off some stuff (mostly baby pictures).

Oh... and I finally gave in and let people start taking pictures of me with Teddy. I'm just as un-photogenic as ever, but a friend pointed out that Teddy wouldn't have any record of his early days with his mother. If enough pictures are taken, SOME will have to come out decent, right?

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