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07:00 am: NC: Visits with Relatives
The Salisbury/Charlotte portion of our trip was focused on seeing relatives. We'd hoped to see my cousin Jack and his wife Gladys on Sunday afternoon, shortly after we arrived, but my aunt Anna (on the other side of the family) has been quite ill, so we felt we needed to see her as soon as possible.

Apparently we missed out on quite a meal at Jack's (he's a great chef, from all accounts). We'll have to come back! That way, we can see more of my cousin Valerie, with whom we had little time, and Starr and David, too, whom we barely got to see at all at the wedding.

* * * * *

We went to the nursing home to see Anna, my cousin Valerie (who lives near Chapel Hill), and my cousin Jim, who's in town from Oman.* Anna looks fantastic, though she's neither eating nor drinking enough. Still, we'd originally planned to see Sherman (who died last summer) and Anna, and had feared for a while we wouldn't get to see Anna either, so it was extra-wonderful to see her.

I'm so very happy that Anna got to meet Peter and Teddy. Her love for children is evident in every look, and I like to think it did her good to see Teddy.

We didn't get much time to visit with Valerie, which is too bad. We did get some time with Jim, particularly on Monday. We had lunch at a Chinese buffet (yummy vegetables -- not that easy for a Yankee down South -- though the buffet also featured chicken nuggets, pizza, jello, donuts, and chocolate chip cookies), then spent the afternoon at the nursing home with Anna.

[interesting new vocalization from Teddy: When we arrived at the nursing home on Monday, he let out a happy growl/yelp noise. It was startling, but very funny.]

Both Anna and Jim have done fascinating things and lived in fascinating places (my uncle Darryl, whom I never met, was a diplomat), so conversation is always interesting and lively. I'm so very glad we got to see them.

* * * * *

Monday night, we met Jack for Thai food. The mysterious, missing Burger King (from our drive out of Charlotte on Friday) was sorta on the way. We never would've found it in the dark, so I don't feel quite as stupid.

Unfortunately, Gladys was ill, so we really do have to go back to see her. Jack was lots of fun, though. It's great to see him so happy. I think his family, his home, and his job really suit him.

And the food was delicious, too.

Teddy had his first-ever meltdown in the restaurant. It was mercifully brief -- and after we ate, thank goodness -- but I tipped 30% anyway, if only to compensate for all the gravity experiments he left beneath the highchair.

* I was supposed to visit Jim in Oman a few years ago. Alas, 9/11 rendered that trip impossible. Apparently Omanis are getting friendlier toward Americans again, so maybe Peter, Teddy, & I can go together.

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