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06:30 am: Is there a rule...
that Teddy (and I, by extension) can't have two good nights' rest in a row?

I was hoping that Saturday night was the start of a trend, but nope. Argh. Maybe going to bed late is good for one night, but not as a rule (we stayed up 'til :gasp: 8:00 last night! heavens to Murgatroyd!).

On a more positive note, Teddy is getting more and more verbal. This morning, after he fussed at Peter while I was in the loo, I asked him whether he'd been giving Daddy a hard time.

"Ne!" He proclaimed (that's "no" in Czech), lying his cute little tush off.

A few minutes later, I made a barfing noise when he leaned painfully on my boob, and he replied by mimicking the noise ("blaaargh!").

And when Peter said "no no no" (he didn't want to get up, as usual), Teddy chimed in "NO!"

We're going to have to stop cussing immediately (regardless of how much fresh pasta I accidentally dump down the sink).

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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