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06:02 am: The Return of the Beast, part III
Teddy's nursing all night, eating a lot during the day (and nursing whenever I'm available). He does run around a lot, but it doesn't seem possible that he needs all this nutrition.

Growth spurt?

* * * * *

We finally gave up on the puzzle mat, now that Teddy's learned to tear it apart so very efficiently. I made a few of the pieces into blocks (the letters promptly fell out), and Teddy loves them. He tried to tear them apart for a while (HA! thwarted!), but then started throwing them around. They're quite lightweight, but large, so he looks like a little baby Charles Atlas, heaving things around that are bigger than he is.

No one's kicking sand in my kid's face, fer shur.

Current Mood: tiredtired
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