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07:15 am: Parental Panty Twisters
Here are a few subjects that get people's undies in a bunch:
  • circumcision — a religious/cultural tradition? a health advantage? an aesthetic decision? a way to make him feel like Daddy/other boys (used to argue either side, depending on one's geography)? unnecessary pain on an innocent infant?

  • Co-sleeping/family bed — a natural and loving arrangement, common to much of the world? an absolute necessity to nursing mothers? convenient? lazy? intrusive? dysfunctional?

  • Breastfeeding — breast is best? natural? nutritious? cheap? old-fashioned? unnecessary? disgusting?

  • Vaccinations — a medical necessity? important, but thimerosal/mercury is waaay scary? a government conspiracy?

  • Pierced ears — a cultural tradition? an aesthetic decision? a way to avoid difficulties with upkeep later? unnecessary pain on an innocent infant?*

  • Organic food — a responsible choice? a waste of money?

  • TV — excellent babysitter? some decent programming available? the only respite? the last resort? no decent programming available? evil?

* sounds a lot like circumcision, but I haven't encountered anyone who thinks it's as serious a decision

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