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06:50 am: Walking and Talking
Teddy's doing longer stints of walking. Last night, he took 6 or 7 steps several times. He still wants to be walked a lot, but we hope that'll abate as he gets more mobile.

Add "ball" and "book" to "dog" on Teddy's list of Important Objects. He got behind my chair last night and was nagging me to come get him. I asked "is there a ball there Teddy?" He got the ball, and brought it out to show me. Thereby allowing me to stay sitting on my butt. heh heh.

When I asked him where his dog was this morning, he grabbed it and threw it off the bed, giggling like crazy. So much for that diversion, Mumum!

Kissing and Missing
My son has become the kissing bandit. "Can Mommy have a kiss?" yields a big ol' smooch, with a swath of baby drool in its wake. Even Daddy gets kisses sometimes. And apparently Teddy will kiss his reflection, though he's only done that for Peter so far.

Mostly he lands right on my mouth, but every once in a while he lurches in and plants one on my chin or something. Mmmm... baby drool...

Sleeping and Weeping
I believe last night was the worst we've had since trying the new sleep routines. Teddy nursed at 1 and 4, which is great, but he was mostly awake between 2 and 3, which was less great. Lots of walking him around, rubbing his back, etc. :yawn:

I do think we're doing the right thing. It would be lots easier to just pop a boob in his mouth. Goodness knows I can do that in my sleep. But Peter can't. And theoretically Teddy should be well past the age where he can sleep through the night. We'll keep working on it.

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