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03:10 pm: Teddy provides joy in the midst of work hell
Work is driving me stark raving bandanas, so I'm taking a wee break to remember what makes it worth it.

Yep. Teddy.

He said MAMA again today - and Peter heard it this time. :) :) :)

He's also been making kissing noises, smacking his lips. He loves it when we kiss back at him. I think the origin was medicine, not affection: we've been using Baby Orajel on his sore gums, and it numbs his lips a bit. So he started smacking them. We responded so enthusiastically that he now does it completely separately from the medication.

MAMA kiss kiss kiss MAMA.

Oh yeah. I fall more in love with my son every day, and every day I think it's not possible to love him more.

Current Mood: crazycrazy
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