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07:32 pm: Christmas
I'm glad I didn't update Christmas morning, as Christmas Eve was the. worse. night. ever. Teddy was awake from 10-2. He nursed for the first 3 hours, after which I was both empty and quite sore. And he was Very Unhappy that I wouldn't let him nurse more. Christmas morning, we left Peter to sleep in while we played in the nursery. Whereupon Teddy had the. worst. poop. ever. At least it was the stinkiest. Like Leta, Teddy loves edamame. Also like Leta, he doesn't necessarily chew the beans. Fortunately, pooping them out whole doesn't seem to cause him pain. But man is it ever stinky!

Between the sleeplessness and the poop, I'm pretty sure any Christmas-morning blogging I did would have involved cussing, and I am trying to avoid that.

Christmas was lovely. We spent the morning at home. Teddy doesn't know about Christmas or Santa or anything, so we were able to have a leisurely breakfast before attacking the giftage. Peter and I were quite restrained in our gifts for him, and did just stockings for each other, so it was a fairly subdued morning. After lunch and a nap, we went to my folks' house for a family celebration.

It was fun to watch the kids interact. Maggie kept giving Teddy her cookies, probably expecting to get them back (HA! Teddy's used to getting one all-organic, no-GEI cookie a day -- as if he'd give up extras!). Teddy's new fire truck and Maggie's new dump truck were hot items for both babies. Maggie walked her bear around in her new doll stroller. Teddy would. not. let. go. his new cell phone.

Christmas night was Teddy's best yet, with 7 hours of straight sleep. That was the most he's had in 367 days! Then he woke me up with a sweet, smoochy, baby kiss and applause shortly before 7 am.

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Current Music: Christmas carols (duh)
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