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06:48 am: The Cough That Would Not Go
Teddy's still coughing. Still waking himself up coughing. Still waking us up when he wakes himself up coughing.

Someone pointed out yesterday that surely his molars will start coming in just about when the cough finally goes.

I ordered another sleep book, this one from Dr. Sears, whose opinions tend to come closest to my own (of course that's what I'm looking for, in a baby book -- DUH). He's more extreme in the touchy-feely spectrum than I (yes, it's possible), but I can live with that.

The chart in this week's Newsweek didn't have any news to me, except that I'm mighty glad to have bypassed John Rosemond -- "use punishments, rather than rewards" and "day care may be linked to childhood depression and ADHD" (no evidence for that one). What the heck could his credentials BE?

In any case, I want to buy the book from which the chart was distilled: Rankin's Parenting Experts: Their Advice, Research, and Getting It Right, "in which she puts decades of advice under the microscope." So much of the advice from experts (including my favorites) seems to be based on hunches, intuition, or personal experience (Dr. Sears has 8 kids, I think, but that still ain't a valid data set). I'd like to know more about the science.

I'm hoping the author also addresses credentials, particularly after reading, y'know, 8 sentences about what Rosemond has to say.

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