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06:25 pm: just as long as it's green, MAMA
Last night, Teddy tried green beans and rice, which apparently are close enough to PEAS to be ok in his book.

When I took him upstairs to settle in for the night, he had other ideas. Since his ideas involved giggling for about a half-hour straight, that was fine with me. We finally got him on video, laughing like crazy. What a darling boy we have.

He had another restless night, teething. Just when I was ready to hand him over to Peter, he reached out his little arms and said MAMA again. I think he associates the word with food, not me, but that's fine. My heart melted anyway. MAMA is much sweeter to hear than ENYA, anyway.

Today was one of my days in the office. I missed my baby therapy! He was all snuggles when I came home, which washed away the stress.

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
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