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09:00 am: Yoga baby
As (both) my long-term readers know, Teddy was quite the contortionist in the womb.* One of the ultrasound technicians referred to him as a little yoga baby (look! it's downward-facing dog! now it's the plow! please please please don't let the child try a sun salute). Later on, he became a Buddha baby, sitting cross-legged. But upside-down, of course.

These days, I love to watch Teddy's enjoyment of his body. Feet! Excellent! Look what they can do! Hey, they don't taste bad either! woo hoo!

Peter's enjoyment manifests slightly differently. He'll say "fold the baby," whereupon Teddy drops to seated forward bend. Teddy likes to follow this with a (parent-guided) somersault if possible.

My sciatica has been acting up again, so I can't stay on one side very long. Teddy has adjusted quite readily, by draping himself over me however necessary to nurse. At one point, I was lying on my left side while Teddy nursed on my right breast. From behind me. And no, my boobs are neither large nor droopy enough to make it to my back, thankyouverymuch. Rather, Teddy stood behind me, folded himself over my right hip, and nursed hanging upside-down.

That's my yoga baby.

* I'd link to where I described that, but apparently I never did. Oops. Oh well, you both heard me describe it plenty of times anyway.

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