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07:00 am: Supermodel Baby
Teddy finally got paid for his BabyGap gig. 15% went directly into his Coogan/UTMA account; the balance will go into his 529. His payment came in two checks: one for 15%, written by the casting agent, and one for the balance (less the agency's fee), written by the agency.

Interestingly enough, the casting agent's check was dated 12/16. The agency's was dated, er, 1/9 or something. That implies, circumstantially, that the agency got paid before the end of the year but didn't pay us (despite my explicit request that they do so). I still hope we'll be able to take expenses against it, but I suspect we won't. Dammit.

We took Teddy to apply for his passport yesterday. BOTH parents have to be there, or else bring an affidavit explaining the absence!

Teddy's passport picture is grim. That's right: the supermodel baby has a crappy passport picture, too. Doesn't that make you feel better?

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