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06:00 am: greater understanding all the time
Teddy's, not mine. I get more baffled all the time.

While he's known Mama, Daddy, doggy, ducky, book, and nurse (and it's antithesis: "I'm going to put it away, Teddy!") for a long time, he also knows:
- cookie (he'll take you directly to the cabinet where they're stored)
- map (he points to the one over the changing table when asked... and says "Daddy," which I like to think is his very clever way of repeating what I say to him: "That's a map. Daddy loves maps. They have lots of islands. Daddy loves islands, too.")
- Good Night, Moon; Brown Bear, Brown Bear; Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy; and SuperGrover as specific books (he'll get the right one when asked)
- Mommy's nose, Daddy's nose, Teddy's pupiček (bellybutton), Mamin pupek (Mommy's bellybutton -- not as cute as Teddy's bellybutton), ear, mouth, foot, hand
- Door, window, floor, counter, bathtub
- Bottle (I'm not sure if he equates bottles with milk; mostly, he likes containers -- soda bottles, mouthwash bottles, etc.)
- Calendar (he likes last year's Simpsons calendar and this year's Sesame Street)

He follows pretty complex instructions, which is pretty cool. "Get your Brown Bear book from the nursery, Teddy, and bring it to Mommy." Of course, he only follows instructions when he feels like it. :sigh:

At least some of the time, he now "reads" magazines instead of pulling them apart.

He knows the Little Einstein logo, and so will point to a DVD when he wants to watch. (Unfortunately, my cell phone plays the Little Einstein tune when it starts up and shuts down, so I have to be careful about when I do that.)

He loves finding new ways to stack and combine things. This morning, he sat on the counter and stacked Red Sox coasters inside of baby bowls inside of Tupperware. Then he gleefully shoved them off the counter. Wheeee! CRASH!

This kid is so frickin' cool. Watching him grow and learn is a trip and a half.

* * * * *

Added some back-dated entries for the past few days, if you're hurtin' for a fix.

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Date:February 10th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
I am so glad kids still get SuperGrover. I LOVED that book.
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