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06:00 am: Developmental Milestones
According to the babycenter.com milestone charts, Teddy is doing -- and in many cases, has been doing for some time -- a lot of stuff up to the 18-month mark.* er... huh?

Here's the list, with mastered skills (first 3), emerging skills (next 3), and advanced skills (last 3)all listed. Stuff Teddy definitely does is bolded. Stuff he sorta does (wishful Mumum thinking?) is italicized. Commentary [in brackets].

13 months
• Uses two words skillfully (e.g. "hi" and "bye") [unless you count Teddyspeak or sign language]
• Bends over and picks up an object
• Stands alone
• Enjoys gazing at his reflection
• Drinks from a cup
• Plays "peekaboo"
• Combines words and gestures to make needs known
• Tries to lift heavy things
• Rolls a ball back and forth

14 months
• Finger feeds
• Empties containers of contents
• Imitates others
• Toddles well
• Initiates games
• Points to one body part when asked

• Uses spoon or fork
• Matches lids with appropriate containers (e.g. pots and pans)
• Pushes and pulls toys while walking

15 months
• Plays with ball
• Vocabulary increases up to five words [but not in English -- or Czech]
• Walks backward
• Can draw a line [it doesn't have to be a straight line, does it?]
• Runs well
• Adopts "no" as his favorite word
• Walks up stairs [dunno if you count it as walking... he gets up the stairs though]
• "Helps" around the house [what the heck does "help" mean? he'll put stuff in the trash or the dishwasher... and take it out again.]
• Puts his fingers to his mouth and says "shhh"

16 months
• Turns the pages of a book
• Has temper tantrums when frustrated [definitely gets upset, but no tantrums yet]
• Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object [he loves his doggies, but I'm not sure that's how they mean "attached"]
• Discovers joy of climbing [joy of? yes. skill at? no.]
• Stacks three blocks
• Learns the correct way to use common objects (e.g. the telephone)
• Takes off one piece of clothing by himself
• Gets finicky about food
• Switches from two naps to one [dammit]

17 months
• Uses a handful of words regularly
• Enjoys pretend games
• Likes riding toys
• Responds to directions (e.g. "Sit down")

• Feeds doll
• Talks more clearly
• Dances to music
• Sorts toys by color, shape, or size
• Kicks ball forward

18 months
• Will "read" board books on his own
• Can pedal when put on trike
• Scribbles well
• Strings words together in phrases [only in TeddySpeak]
• Brushes teeth with help
• Builds a tower of four cubes
• Throws ball overhand
• Takes toys apart and puts them back together

• Shows signs of toilet training readiness

* I didn't look past 18 months. Too scared, maybe...

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