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06:00 am: Weekend Update
Sunday was a really fun day. ("Yesterday," except that I'm posting a back-dated entry several days late.)

We transferred our videos of Teddy's first year onto DVD, and I watched the first hour. Honestly, I have no recollection whatsoever of most of it. Scary. But that made it all the more fun to watch. Most people would find it mostly boring, but I loved seeing Teddy just lie there, wiggling his little body (I do remember threatening Peter with bodily harm if he EVER sat there videotaping Teddy again when he was crying).

Teddy was not even remotely interested, until TV-Teddy started talking, whereupon he was pretty fascinated.

* * * * *

We finally went to NH to see Calvin (who was one month old that very day), Marisa, Eric, Brooke, and Andrew. Calvin is a BIG baby, but still so small compared to Teddy now! It was lovely to hold that sweet, warm, sleeping, QUIET, CALM, STILL baby. Poor Marisa has to go back to work soon. I had a hard enough time tearing myself away after 3 months -- I can't imagine going back sooner. She'll be telecommuting 'til he's 6 months old, though, which should help.

A couple of funny things happened... Teddy had no interest in Calvin until I held him, whereupon he really though I ought to hold him instead.

Brooke and Andrew have a stuffed Barney (EEEEK!). Teddy liked carrying him around, as he does his teddy bear and stuffed dogs, until he inadvertently held the creature by his hand and foot simultaneously, whereupon Barney started to talk. Double EEEEK! I don't think I've ever seen Teddy drop anything so fast. He toddled right over to me, turned around and scooted between my legs. I'll save you from the vicious (vacuous?) purple dinosaur, sweet baby boy, never you fear!

The best toys, in Teddy's HO, were a card game nicely packed into a tin box (such fun to dump out!) and a 20-questions ball, which fit perfectly into his hand.

* * * * *

While I was taking off Teddy's shirt to dress him for bed, he took off his pants. The child TOOK OFF HIS PANTS. He's not supposed to be able to do that 'til, like, 16 months or something (as an advanced skill). HOLY CRAP.

* * * * *

He was a bit distracted while I was nursing him before bed. I thought if I pretended to sleep, maybe he'd settle down. Riiight. He bent right over and pried my eyelids open. Open your eyes, Mama!!!

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