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06:00 am: verbs
Sorry I've been remiss lately. Rather than back-date entries, I'm going to do a quick catch-up here, then try to stay more on track.*

Today's organizing principle is VERBS... mostly stuff Teddy likes to do these days:
- Perch on the kitchen window sill. He'll either stand on it to look out, or sit on it to look in. Either way, we'll have to be careful once we, y'know, unlock the window (big snowstorm coming this weekend, so I think we have time to prepare).
- Climb on anything that will sit still... and some things that won't. Last night, for instance, he used his John Deere tractor/scooter as a stepping stool to get to his fun cube. It's official: the child cannot be left alone in a room, unless he's locked up. And maybe not then, either (he stacks things up to stand on in his playpen, too).
- Fit pot lids onto pots, Tupperware lids onto Tupperware, trash can lids onto trash cans. Actually, we don't have any lids for our trash cans, but Teddy likes to try other things out for size.
- Throw things down the stairs. Books, balls, bottles. Dogs, ducks, diapers. Whatever. I just hope he doesn't figure out the cool splashing noise the toilet makes (I believe it was my brother who discovered that lemons splash delightfully in the toilet).
- Flush the toilet, speaking of toilets. He's been doing this for a while, but this week when I started to ask him "do you want to help Mommy [er...do something... I can't remember, but it wasn't flush the toilet]," he toddled over to flush the toilet. Oops. That's 'cause one way I've distracted him while I'm on the loo is to say "do you want to help Mommy flush the toilet?" He seems to have come to the conclusion that Mommy only needs help with the toilet. Oh well.
- Bathe in the tub every night. We'd stopped for a while (he doesn't need a bath every night, after all), and I think the change in his routine was affecting his sleep. Back in the tub we go, with all the splashing and other fun that entails.
- Clutch his Red Sox mardi gras beads while his diaper is changed. He went from being very cooperative about diaper changes and nail clipping to acting as if he's in agony (I might believe occasional agony -- but EVERY time? I don't think so). The Red Sox beads, a previously forbidden item (being a strangling/choking hazard), are enough to keep him happy for a few minutes.
- See his favorite people, like Grandma, Grandpa, his cousin Adi, and Occhi Cinesi.
- Learn new words, concepts, and ways to move and use his body. Like mole ("where's Mommy's mole?" and "where's Mommy's other mole?" yield consistently correct responses), where the chocolate is kept (he toddles right over to the cabinet and points... chocolate is a Very Important Concept in our house), and looking at the world upside-down through his spread legs.
- Say new words, like NO! and HI! Alas, we hear more of the former than the latter... quite often associated with the boo-boo face and nap time ("nononononoooooooo" [sob] [millisecond] [snore]).

* * * * *

This is more a Mommy update than Teddy, as he doesn't care at all... The Sears picture came out washed out, but we sent it in as his new head shot anyway. Next time, we'll tell them to take ALL the pictures of him standing, regardless of what they usually do.

I had a few days of disappointment after Teddy's frog t-shirt showed up on the BabyGap site, because his jacket wasn't shown. They didn't take any pictures of him without the jacket (the t-shirt wasn't actually finished). More important, ALL the other new clothes seemed to have a nautical theme, with whales & boats & such, and the frog shirt really didn't fit the theme. So I was concerned that they wouldn't show his picture in the stores (I went to our local store to see, but the spring posters aren't up yet).

Yes, he's been paid. Yes, we had The Experience. But YES, I WANT TO SEE HIS PICTURE IN THE STORES.

Anyway, they now have SIX frog tops on the site, so his shirt was the first, not the only frog shirt. And the jacket showed up the other day, too.

I'm kinda glad it happened, though, because now I'm better prepared for the disappointment if his picture isn't in the store.

* UPDATE: Until my surgery, which will be 3/3 (which is a Friday... so much for Tuesday!). That'll likely slow me down a bit. I won't be fasting before then after all, as the scheduler tells me it's unlikely there will be a cancellation before my surgery... I think that means she doesn't plan to call me even if there is a cancellation.

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Date:February 11th, 2006 04:28 pm (UTC)

Oh what timing!

1. Dig Your Kid!
2. I am There for You for your surgery... on the following days: the 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th, 10th, 11th (day) and 17th. Can you believe it, I never travel. And yet, got a call from a *new* and *major* client wanting me to travel to DC *and* (lots of *emphasis* in this comment) NYC for work on the 3rd and 6th, then dh is taking me to the Windy City while he works and we visit our wedding pastor and his family. But I am there for you for all those days! Does that work for you?
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Date:February 12th, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC)

Re: Oh what timing!

Congratulations on the new gig!!! Your timing is terrific (Peter will be with me on the 3rd and 6th, no worries there). I'll be delighted to see you whenever you can swing it.
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