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06:00 am: sleep progress
Teddy's now getting quite good at soothing himself back to sleep. He only fusses if he's hungry. So last night, for instance, he woke up a half-dozen times or so, but only nursed two or three.


He's started crying when I leave for work in the morning. Peter tells me he's just fine after I leave (especially if ELMO is on), but it still breaks my heart.

* * * * *

Yesterday, I gave Teddy an all-organic, no-GEI, Newman's Own chocolate Newman-O (thanks, OC!). He promptly twisted it apart, handed me the chocolate filling, and toddled off with the chocolate cookies (which he fed to me later... a bit soggy but still good).

* * * * *

Sesame Street isn't on on Sundays (at least, not that I can find... and certainly not at the regular time), so I put in Teddy's new Elmo's World: Babies, Dogs, & More DVD. Strangely enough, he was enthralled by the babies, but bored by the dogs. Next time, we'll try the dogs first and the babies second, to see if it's an attention-span thing or a content thing.

* * * * *

I got my first Tanglewood email this weekend. I'm hoping to take Teddy for his first trip to Lenox this summer. His first trip outside the womb, that is... The last time we went, I was 4 months pregnant and not telling anyone yet. Torture!

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