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06:00 am: I'm a grown-up!
I went to the Marcia Ball concert at Sculler's last night, leaving Peter & Teddy At Home Alone. No disasters ensued; in fact, they seem to have done quite well. Teddy nursed a lot during the night, but I suppose that's to be expected.

Marcia Ball was lots of fun, though quite different from what I expected. Y'see, I confused her with Marcia Lewis, who played Mama in the revival of Chicago. And I believe I confused Marcia Lewis with someone else altogether -- possibly Queen Latifah (though I know darned well who she is), who played Mama in the movie Chicago. So I was expecting someone, well... large and black.

Marcia Ball is trim* and white, with a shock of gray hair. But she can play one heckuva piano, and did some rollickin' New Orleans music. Good fun.

*QUITE trim. It hadn't occurred to me what a great arm-toner playing the piano would be. I'll have to consider taking up piano again. So what if I haven't played in 25 years and don't have a piano.

Current Mood: confusedconfused
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