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02:00 pm: pre-op
I had my pre-op appointment today at Brigham & Women's. Mostly, it went just fine. I was relieved to hear that I can nurse Teddy right up until my surgery, then pump & dump just once before nursing him again. :phew:

The nurse made me quite nervous when she referred to 6-8 weeks of recovery.


The anesthesiologist wouldn't answer -- said it was up to my surgeon (whom I called as soon as I left the hospital) -- but assured me that it won't be 6-8 weeks.

The surgeon's nurse later told me that recovery times differ, but I should be back in the office within 1-2 weeks (I'll telecommute as soon as I'm able).

:phew: again.

It will likely be 2-3 weeks, though, before I can pick up Teddy. That's going to be really, really hard. :(

Current Mood: nervousnervous
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