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06:30 am: proof that cussing is dangerous (or will be soon)
I get irked easily, but it's pretty difficult to get me angry.

Last night, I got an email that made me really, really angry.

Teddy's never seen me angry before. Fortunately, he found it funny, not scary. He was copying my exact tone, but with a big smile:

me: WHAT the BLEEP is that BLEEPING BLEEP TALKing about?
Teddy: DA da DA da DA DA DAaaa da?
me: I can't BELIEVE that BLEEPING BLEEP had the NERVE to send that BLEEPING message
Teddy: da da DA da DA DA da da DA da da da DAAA da
me: when the BLEEP never even BLEEPING READ the document I distributed, which BLEEPING EXPLAINED in gory BLEEPING DETAIL how BLEEPING WRONG that message is!!
Teddy: da da DA da da DA DA da da da da.... [etc.] HA HA HA HA HA!

He thought the whole thing was so hilarious that he got all wound up laughing and didn't fall asleep until 8:30. Mozart helped.

Well, Mozart helped me anyway. In all honesty, I think Teddy got wound up because I was wound up, and calmed down when I became calmer.

Current Mood: angryfurious, but amused
Current Music: Clarinet Concerto
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