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06:01 am: on the nose
My folks very kindly babysat Teddy yesterday so Peter could go swimming (his only chance this week because of my nutso pre-surgery schedule). When I called Dad to thank him, he described Teddy as trying to nurse on one of his toys. Apparently he was carrying it around with its nose in his mouth, which looks an awful lot as if he thinks the toy is a breast and its nose is a nipple.

"Nay, nay," I say, "he just likes carrying things around in his mouth. By their noses."

And he does... mostly dogs, of course, 'cause, well, he mostly has dogs, but also his bear.

He also still sucks on my and Peter's noses occasionally. And sticks his wee fingers in our nostrils.

My personal (non) favorite is that he uses my nose as a lever to turn me over (when we're lying in bed, he reaches around from behind me, grabs my nose, and pulls on it to get me to turn to face him... ouch).

His own nose looks a lot like mine, these days. It'll be interesting to see whether it changes as he grows.

Paco, one of the guys who was in the same exchange program to St. Catherine's as I, told me that he hoped his kids had my nose... "until they're about 7." I've been self-conscious about the insufficient size of my nose ever since. But Teddy's nose looks just about perfect to me now.

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