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07:00 am: Teddy's croup appears to be almost gone. He has a lingering cough, but nothing like that awful seal barking last week. The river of snot has become an occasional trickle. He's eating more normally, nursing plenty (but only once during the night -- w00t!), and running around waving and saying "BA!" (bye!) to everything and everyone.

We appear to have taught him the word for poop is "BLAAAA!"... sort of a barfing noise made with a wide-open mouth and a wrinkled-up nose. :sigh: I suppose it could have been worse.

He's accepted fairly well that I can't pick him up all the time. He still asks me to, and is still disappointed if I don't*, but goes pretty readily to someone else (particularly if his goal is transportation, rather than comfort).

I do wish he were a little bit less interested in my incisions.

What's this Mommy? poke. poke. poke.
How 'bout this Mommy? poke. poke. poke.
What happens when I pull on this? yank. yank. yank.
Why's your stomach different colors Mommy? poke. poke. poke.

At least I've mostly avoided the nursing smack-down since my surgery. Mostly.

* I know that should be "when I don't," but the truth is that I do pick him up sometimes because I can't resist the boo-boo face. I'm weak.

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