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06:08 pm: Happy Eduard Day
Today is Teddy's name day. I don't know anyone who celebrates name days in the U.S., but they're a big deal in the Czech Republic. In future years, we're likely to have Eduard-day parties instead of birthday parties, just because March 18 will be so much more convenient for his friends than just before Christmas.

We celebrated in style, with junk food, a wonderful visit with OC, and a completely unexpected present from the Marques family! They sent Teddy a wonderful Duplo wagon, which he pushed and pulled around the whole day... except when he was using Duplo "phones." Earlier in the day, he'd used the controls on my heating pad as a phone, but those Duplos? Dooooode! Those are fabulous phones! He'd hold one piece up to each ear and chime "Lo? LO!" until he tossed it back in the wagon. Too cute.

I made a trek to Toys R Us later in the day to pick up a few things for our trip to Eastern Europe... and a few things for home, including a Teddy-sized club chair and a 99¢ ball that was a huge hit with Himself. The ball is almost as big as he is, but he carried that thing around until bed time.

He didn't care about it this morning, though, because he was Back to the Duplos.

* * * * *

We have our reservations for Prague and Bratislava. :gulp: This trip is for real!

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