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07:00 am: 15 Months
...or 1¼. I remember tracking birthdays by quarters, what, 30 years ago? Gracious, I'm old.

Anyway, Teddy is 15 months old today. 15 months ago, I was guzzling vats of cranberry juice at Newton Wellesley Hospital and struggling to get this new, mysterious, but oh-so-gorgeous creature to LATCH ON ALREADY.

This morning, I was guzzling vats of water at home and struggling to get this less-new, still-mysterious creature to LET GO ALREADY YOU'VE BEEN NURSING FOR AN HOUR DAMMIT.

I was guzzling water because I've been waking up completely parched, though last night...
:drum roll:
...I was able to sleep with my mouth closed. That's right: it's the end of the night-time mouth-breathing for me, at last. So I was more Death Valley parched than Sahara parched, which is a considerable improvement.

Teddy woke up cheerful and ready to go, as usual (after an hour of nursing intermittently, which seems to be his favorite way of easing into the morning).

For whatever reason, he's been talking all the time recently. He even talks at the TV during his Baby Einstein videos (stupid videos*, but better than commercial TV). I have no idea what he's saying, but it's clearly meaningful, if only to him. "LORDYlordy ba BA daddydaddy LALA DOODLEDOODLEDOODLE" he lectures to the TV while pointing at the DVD case. I think this translates to: "WHERE is the DOG already? There's a PICTURE of the DOG on the CASE and I SEE NO DOG! WHERE IS THE DOG?"

* I mean, really... "food from the farm" shows carrots and apples and milk. The milk is shown being poured FROM THE SKY (well, the upper part of the screen, anyway) into a BOTTLE. What the heck are they trying to teach? That cow boobies are forbidden or something? Geez, Louise!

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