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06:14 am: Teddy prepares us for DST
Teddy's been waking up earlier and earlier, kindly preparing us for daylight savings time.*

Thanks, kid. Y'know, really, the best preparation for too little sleep is even less sleep.

This morning, he perched on the pillow between Peter's and my heads and held forth. We're not sure what the subject of his monologue was, but it was clearly very complex and deeply meaningful.

"Doodledoodle," he said, pointing out the window. Shrugging, palms up, he continued: "Em AH. Lordylordylordy. HA." He reached over to smack Peter in the nose and declared "DOOdle DADDY DOOdle!" He settled back in to enlighten us while pointing around the room: "mumumum doodledoodle HAHAHA daddydaddy doodle HA!" He finished by making the sign for "light" and gesturing at the various lights in the room.

Maybe an inventory of his surroundings? A declaration of his expectations for the day? The meaning of life?

Who the heck knows. But I'd rather find out at, say, 10 am. 10 would be nice.

* This is unfortunately accompanied by all-night nursing. Dunno if he's detoxing from Benadryl, going through a growth spurt, or what.

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