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07:05 am: tantrums
We've seen the future, and it is tantrums. Teddy says "no no no NO," stomps around in a circle, collapses into a heap on the floor, pounds the floor, and generally makes a wee scene.

Laughter seems to bring him out of it, thank goodness. 'Cause, well, it's very funny... and yet we don't want to encourage him in this inappropriate (though highly amusing) behavior.

* * * * *

I realized recently that I've been using nudity as a substitute for food. My family's tendency is to reach for food if we don't feel good ("What can I eat to make my vomiting better?") and, often, for emotional comfort as well. When Teddy gets upset, I've made a conscious effort to NOT offer food (unless I know for sure that he's hungry). Instead, I try to figure out what's wrong, of course, and if I can't, distract him. Quite often, this ends up with:

"Teddy, do you want to take your clothes off?"

Teddy loves taking his clothes off. I think it's a healthy substitute.

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