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03:00 pm: Depending on the Kindness of Strangers
There are reasons guns aren't allowed on planes. For instance, it makes it much harder for parents of small children to kill all the well-meaning strangers who disrupt their children's sleep.

While there are no legal reasons that I shouldn't have had internet access when I arrived in the Czech Republic, it's just as well I didn't, as my first vacation post would have been one long BEEPing BEEP BEEP BEEP.

I was angry. Very angry.

Also tired. Very, very tired.

Not a good combination.

After a short, late flight to NYC and a very quick, hot run across JFK to the new gate (gate attendant: "oh it's very close -- maybe 5 minutes" riiiiight... maybe if you're a sprinter who isn't carrying a baby and a crapload of luggage... lying LIAR), we settled into our bulkhead seats on Czech Air (check-in agent: "it's fully booked; you'll have to check [the stroller/car seat we'd hoped to use in an unpaid seat for Teddy]"... lying LIAR). Shortly after take-off, the flight attendants brought the bassinet, plus a little kit of diapers and wipes and another little kit of juice and baby food.

Unfortunately, the same lovely airline that supplied those lovely amenities also kept the lights on for more than 2 hours, the TV on for the entire flight (right in front of our bulkhead-seated faces), and then turned the lights on again after less than 3 hours.

On top of that, the lovely flight attendants not only waved and said hi every time they passed Teddy; they also felt obliged to ENGAGE HIM, thereby STIMULATING him and KEEPING HIM FROM SLEEPING.

But they were not alone. Oh no. There were also a couple of children (7 and 12, at a guess... plus several adults whom I blamed much more) who wanted to TALK TO THE ALMOST-SLEEPING BABY (at different times, of course, maximizing stimulation). Worst of all was the grandmother of the sleeping baby next to us (she was sitting behind us), who should've known better, who kept her reading light on almost the entire flight (one of 4 people in the whole section to do so), and then, when Teddy was FINALLY ASLEEP, ran up to PUT A BLANKET ON HIM.

Teddy hates sleeping with a blanket on. HATES IT. WILL NOT SLEEP WITH A BLANKET ON.

I know she meant well. I know that. But she should know better than to parent someone else's kid.*

Thank goodness I stopped her before she actually got the blanket on him. They may not allow guns on planes, but they do have dull knives, and I would've done serious damage if she'd wakened him.

As it is, he only got 2 hours of sleep on a 7-hour flight... mostly because ALL THE LIGHTS were on almost ALL THE TIME. He'll sleep in the light during the day, but he's used to darkness at night. So are Peter and I. We didn't sleep at all.

When we finally got to Prague, we waited days for our luggage (at least it felt that way). Oddly enough, the three checked bags came out completely separately, clearly on three different runs of (probably) the same luggage cart. Out to the plane, load up with luggage, back to the terminal, unload, back to the plane, etc. With one small, feeble, very elderly person doing all the loading and unloading. There is no other possible explanation for how long it took for the luggage to come out. And they weren't done yet when we left.

* Similarly, my father-in-law felt compelled to distract Teddy every single time he fussed while being put in the car seat. This, of course, made it that much harder to get the child into the damned thing. If the FIL had stayed out of the way (and quiet), it would've gone 5 times faster. But nooooo.

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