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07:00 pm: Bouncing Czech
I had lots of dreams this trip about rearranging furniture I don’t own. Did I want to control things I couldn't control?

Anyway, it was our second day in Bratislava. It was rainy and cold and gray, but that didn't stop us. Teddy warmed up by running in the bed, checking his form in the mirror. He also worked on his Mama Roll, which is not like an egg roll or a Parker House roll, but more like a rueda sushi roll, where he rolls his body across mine, maintaining contact throughout the move.

We went to Bratislava Castle, which is large and intimidating. We didn't go into any of the galleries or anything. Though the respite from the cold might've been nice, Teddy doesn't get much out of galleries unless there's an echo, which tends to detract from others' enjoyment.

There was lots & lots of up & up on the way to the castle, though not so much down & down on our way back, which seems to be the way those things work. We stopped for coffee and crostina (and warmth) at a pizza shop for a second breakfast. It cost nearly $10! Quelle Ripoffe! It was tasty, though I discovered later |:foreshadowing:| that the price was actually significantly higher than the monetary cost.

Teddy LOVED the wind and cold (and the ever-present cobblestones). He laughed his wee butt off as we struggled to keep the Sit 'n' Stroll going. He far preferred staying outside than venturing into the souvenir shops (which didn't take credit cards -- huh??). Although he was content (for once) to keep his hat on, he liked the wind blowing his hair even more. Which is just as well, since the wind kept blowing his hat off.

* * * * *

After a small break back at the hotel, we took another walk through Staré Mĕsto, which is a lot like Prague (the rest of Bratislava is pretty much generic industrial town). We had hot cocoa, chocolate mousse, and ice cream at a coffee shop with very high stools, which Teddy loved (the stools, that is, though he dug the ice cream too). He also loved walking (when we let him) and cobblestones (when we didn't let him walk).

We had dinner at McDonald's, tourists that we are (more like: parents that we are). Teddy had a blast, because there was a narrow window seat/window sill next to our table, so he could climb from the chair to the window and back over and over.

There are repercussions to eating at Mickey-D's, however: Teddy had the World's Most Giant Poop at the hotel later (as in, we had to get new sheets for the bed... blech!), and a sore tummy in the middle of the night. I don't think he can handle fast-food meat (he'd eaten a lot of his cheeseburger, in addition to his usual fries), which really is quite discerning of him.

Peter read "Dobrou Noc, Mĕsíci" (I had to get spell-Czech on that one) while I nursed Teddy. When he was finished, Teddy stood up, waved bye-bye, toddled over to Peter's side of the bed, and started beating on him. We have no idea why. Shortly thereafter, Teddy and Peter fell asleep, with Teddy curled up against Peter's leg. Too cute!

I didn't sleep, because someone (the pizza place) gave me caffeine. Buzzbuzzbuzz! They told me (well, they told Peter, who told me) they were serving me decaf. They lied.

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